Paver Installation

Paver Installation Services In Flushing, NY

Our team of experts in the company, Pacer Construction, has been building custom landscapes for clients who have dreamed of their perfect outdoor spaces for over a decade. We offer paver design, installation, and much more for your beautiful yard. Our team is responsive and eager to work with you to create the outdoor space of your dreams and offer you paver installation services in Flushing, NY. You can also peek at our past projects to see what we can build for you and how differently you want this time for your space. When you use decorative pavers, you can have a customized look with a feel for your driveway that concrete can’t offer.

Adding An Oomph Factor Into The Driveway & Pathway

By offering you our paver installation services in Flushing, NY, water can nourish the roots of trees under the driveway. This prevents roots from rising to the surface and damaging your traditional concrete driveway. Our paver driveway installation is an excellent way to add character and increase your home’s curb appeal. We would love to add a beautiful paver pathway with a matching patio to your front yard! Our team will suggest that a paver pathway can create a custom look for homes that want to make their property stand out. With so many options, from colors and shapes to patterns and sizes, we can create the perfect design for your home.


Concerning winter safety, the patterns of pavers offer more slip resistance than slab-stone or sidewalk options.

Easy Maintenance

When we do the paver installation, we mention that it can be repaired easily if any stones need to be replaced or repaired – take one out and replace it! No need to redo the entire walkway, and it is sorted.

Reasonable Choice

Pavers are very affordable – they typically cost significantly less than other options (like concrete) – and they take up less space, so they're perfect if you're limited on space or have a tight budget.

Personalized Experience

We tend to value every project and the client's demand for customization, and we love to hone new ideas and creative impulses into it.