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About Us

Professional Concrete Contractor In Flushing, NY

Since our inception in 2010, Pacer Construction has established a strong standing as a pioneer in masonry procedures and applications. We have completed hundreds of masonry projects, ranging from small residential projects to extremely complicated commercial projects worth just under a million dollars. Pacer Construction has been privileged to garner the trust of customers who value our commitment to high-quality exquisiteness, promptness, and overall excellence at all times. We apply these principles to every endeavor we work on and every project we tend to undertake. We obtain our building materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring they are top-class to give the best shot whenever something comes up before our clients.


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From the foundation to the finish, we provide excellent quality and trustworthiness at an affordable price. We do it all at Pacer Construction, from roofing to concrete and masonry, to service our clients and facilitate them when the roof is in contact with leakage and serious harm. For various commercial construction projects, we provide systemic and artistic masonry services. We only use elevated, cutting-edge equipment to ensure your project is finished correctly and under the most regulations and modern standards. Our organization is always state-of-the-art, looking for new and enhanced strategies in our construction and roofing projects.

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High-End Masonry & Concrete Repair Services

Pacer Construction – a leading professional roofer, offers our customers the highest quality roof replacement, repairs, and maintenance. We are pleased to serve in the area and help you against deteriorated roofs and structural malfunction. We repair old and damaged concrete while carefully considering aesthetics. Fixing your concrete is a low-cost option that lets you remain on top of concrete repair work. Rather than completely replacing the concrete, restorations will enhance the overall appearance while repairing cracks and physical issues that could lead to larger-scale structural damage.
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